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Lana brings a wealth of Real Estate knowledge and experience to the family brand and has found a new passion for marketing and brand strategy.

Lana has lived in Calgary for most of her life and has many dear friends and family here. Lana stayed at home to raise 3 sons but always worked on the admin side of the family real estate business.

Lana places a high importance on education and believes in educating girls all over the world. Lana donates to Girl Up a United Nations organization that promotes health, safety, education, and leadership of girls in developing countries.  Lana believes that by educating and empowering girls we will have a more peaceful world.   

Lana has donated to World Vision for 30+ years and has contributed to small children growing into adulthood in the program.  Lana also supports Special Olympics, holding a special place in her heart with her only sibling competing in bowling and floor hockey.